"Fearless" - Trailer

The first trailer for an upcoming short film project with Desperation Student Conference, and Fernweh Creative.

“Fearless” is a forthcoming narrative film, being released in July, 2018.

Desperation 2017 - Opening Experience

Desperation's 2017 conference opener, "The Wilderness". What does it mean to hold on to hope when everything around you looks hopeless? This film project takes a look at the hardest journeys of our lives, when we feel most alone. 


This is a special project for us. This film is dedicated to the life a close friend, Francis John Feeney. Being As An Ocean generously donated the track "Glow" for this project. "Glow" explores the grief and hardship of the loss of a close friend, and the feelings of abandonment and isolation that can come out of that process. Above all else, this project is about holding on to hope in dark places, when all seems hopeless.

"It will shine still brighter when night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out."

Nina and the Hold Tight - Salt and Blood - Tiny Desk Submission

Nina and the Hold Tight are the embodiment of Rock n’ Roll. In the searing new single “Salt and Blood” they show no mercy for our meager ear drums and deliver a pummeling steamroller of soul and guitars.

Tamron + Aaron Anderson : Kara Winger

We teamed up with Tamron and Aaron Anderson once again to capture USA Olympian Javelin athlete Kara Winger doing what she does best. 

Big thanks to Tamron, Aaron Anderson, Kara, and the whole team for this shoot.

Caden's Story - Pure Rebellion

Caden’s story, captured for Pure Rebellion.

Five Things CASA Does for Kids

CASA does wonderful things for the most vulnerable children in our communities, taking care of the forgotten, the lonely, and the cast aside. This project was produced, directed, and edited by Jim Kallemeyn of Soho Film.

Bonneville - Portraits From The Salt - AA X SC

A collaboration with Aaron Anderson Photography, this project looks at the riders who brave the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats every year for Bonneville Speed Week. 

Desperation 2018 - Teaser

The first teaser for Desperation Youth Conference's 2018 year. "Fearless" is an allegory into our daily fight with fear, and how we can take that on head first through the lens of the boxer. 

No On 301

Part of a local commercial campaign shot for D/CO consulting and No On 301. 

Switchbacks FC - Season Tickets

A fun look at what it is like to be a season ticket holder for our very own Colorado Springs Switchbacks FC soccer team. 

Desperation 2017 Recap

Every year, we're tasked with creative an immersive recap of Desperation Youth Conference, and turning it around by the end of the conference. It's always a fun challenge, and I feel like we've really gotten a knack for it. Take a peek at what happened in 2017. 


What do you get when you combine a small cramped cabin in the middle of nowhere with a rager of a song and too much haze? The music video for The Anchor's new single "Nola" may or may not have destroyed this rustic cabin. Oops. 

"Papercut" - Jarrod Gipson Drumming

Make sure you're sitting down for this groove filled dream. Jarrod Gipson reimagines Grey's remix of Zedd's "Papercut" feat. Troy Sivan, and takes it to a pocket filled paradise.

The Solid Ocean - Freaking Out

"Freaking Out" tackles the rejection of what we were raised with. People's expectations, aspirations, and standards can be very constricting, and often are a prison we need to break out of, even if they freak out. 

Make It Last - The Anchor

The Anchor's film for "Make It Last" chronicles the dance of relationships, the struggle to maintain them, and the hardship when they fall apart. 

The Anchor - The Hardest Part

"Love may forgive all infirmities and love still in spite of them: but Love cannot cease to will their removal." - C.S. Lewis

"The Hardest Part" tackles forgiving those who have hurt us most, and the journey to forgive those who may seem unforgivable. 

Fall Reel 2016

A look at the highlights from our best and most memorable projects of 2016.