Live Free

The wind whipping through your hair and the roar of an engine. There is no greater feeling of freedom than being on two wheels. Indie Ridge knows this, and it is that spirit that inspired this film. "Live Free" is a challenge and a call to action. In the words of Adlai Stevenson, "who shall say that since we have gone so far, we can go no farther?"

Client: Indie Ridge USA

Dir: Gabriel Jacobson
Composer: Tyler Cuchiara
Assist: Steven De La Roche

Voiceover: Adlai Stevenson - Presidential Campaign Speech, 1952

On The Line - The Still Tide

The Still Tide takes us on an ethereal journey through love and relationships in "On the Line". Anna reminisces fondly about being on the line physically with someone else, and equally putting your heart on the line again for love.

Artist: The Still Tide
Management: 7S
Director: Gabriel Jacobson

"The New Dreamers"

We had the joy to work alongside World Challenge for "The New Dreamers". We captured every day heroes changing their neighborhoods, and in turn, the world.

Client: World Challenge
Director: Gabriel Jacobson
Writers: Steven De La Roche, Gabriel Jacobson, James Guerra.
Voiceover: Ryann Ard

Special thanks to Move of God, Chauncey Labrie, and Ian Watkins.

Five Things CASA Does for Kids

We had the joy to capture this video for CASA. CASA are the Colorado court appointed advocates for kids in Foster Care.

Director: Kyle Forti

Editor: Jim Kallemeyn

DP: Gabriel Jacobson

"Pieces" - Wildermiss

Denver based Wildermiss deliver all the feels in "Pieces". Frontwoman Emma Cole soars vocally throughout the introspective track, singing through themes of reflection, hardship and growth.

Directed by: Gabriel Jacobson
Cam Assist: Seth Jacobson
Cam Assist: Jarrod Gipson

"Pieces" - Written/Performed by: Wildermiss.
Management: 7s MGMT


Jarrod Gipson processes cycles of internal turmoil on his debut single "Clockwise". Jarrod teeters somewhere between a dark reality, and a desperate fantasy, trying to find his way back home. Dive in to this journey alongside him in his debut video for "Clockwise".

Client: Jarrod Gipson
Actress: Phoebe Rankin
Director: Gabriel Jacobson
Grips: James Guerra and Seth Jacobson
HMU: Rebecca Guerra

Mixed by: Tyler Cuchiara
Mastered by: Dave Wilton

Frazier For Aurora

We worked alongside Legacy Consulting to create the launch video for Ryan Frazier.

Agency: Legacy Consulting
Client: Ryan Frazier
Dir: Lee Hopper
DP: Gabriel Jacobson

Torco International - Oil and Salt

John Stoner talks about the importance of hard working products when he races on the salt at Bonneville. Produced for Torco International.


This is a special project for us. This film is dedicated to the life a close friend, Francis John Feeney. Being As An Ocean generously donated the track "Glow" for this project. "Glow" explores the grief and hardship of the loss of a close friend, and the feelings of abandonment and isolation that can come out of that process. Above all else, this project is about holding on to hope in dark places, when all seems hopeless.

"It will shine still brighter when night is about you. May it be a light to you in dark places, when all other lights go out."

Brian Watson for Colorado Treasurer

We had the joy of working with Brian Watson to create a TV spot for his campaign for Treasurer of Colorado.

Additional b-roll courtesy of Caleb Bonham and Stephen Vidano.

Desperation 2017 - Opening Experience

Desperation's 2017 conference opener, "The Wilderness". What does it mean to hold on to hope when everything around you looks hopeless? This film project takes a look at the hardest journeys of our lives, when we feel most alone. 

Winter Park Rebrand

I had the joy of working along side Miles Partnership to produce a special spot for the rebrand launch of the town of Winter Park.

Agency: Miles Partnership / Odyssey

Dir: Gabriel Jacobson

Assist: Seth Jacobson

Assist: Jarrod Gipson

"Fearless" - Trailer

The first trailer for “Fearless”, a branded short film comprised of 3 chapters, each serving as a session opener for the 2018 Desperation Student Conference.

Director: Gabriel Jacobson

Writers: Gabriel Jacobson, Steven De La Roche, James Guerra, Aaron Olson, and David Martin.

Christine Jensen - Senate District 20

We had the joy of working with Christine Jensen to create a commercial for her campaign for Senate District 20.

Desperation 2018 - Teaser

The first teaser for Desperation Youth Conference's 2018 year. "Fearless" is an allegory into our daily fight with fear, and how we can take that on head first through the lens of the boxer. 

"Papercut" - Jarrod Gipson Drumming

Make sure you're sitting down for this groove filled dream. Jarrod Gipson reimagines Grey's remix of Zedd's "Papercut" feat. Troy Sivan, and takes it to a pocket filled paradise.